Remote client fails to connect to FTP server in NAS

I thought my FTP problems were behind me, but apparently not yet. In my office I have an EX2 (NAS) device running an FTP server. The NAS is visible to the Internet, i.e. it can be pinged using the external IP address of my router in which port 8021 is forwarded to the FTP server. This works using the internal LAN IP of the NAS and also the external IP address of the router.
I have now discovered that I cannot establish a connection to the FTP server from my webhost. Also, a web-based FTP testing tool fails to make a connection. It reports the following error message. “Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache”. The connection information I am using does not specify a hostname, just a RAW IP address. I don’t have an opportunity to specify the port number, but since I am using the default for FTP (8021) it should work. Any suggestions? I am assuming of course that the FTP server in the NAS works out of the box for remote clients? Best regards, Daniel

Since when did ftp port become port 8021?? As far as I’ve been using the FTP (20 years now), the standard ftp port has always been port 21.

Make sure you have configured ftp from the dashboard to be on port 21 (or one of the only two alternate ports the dashboard config lets you set it to - port 2121 or 9921)> The dashboard should give you an error when you try to set the ftp port to 8021. Which makes me wonder if you even configured ftp access from EX2’s dashboard.

Thanks for your reply. Ok I did as you suggested: FTP configuration in the NAS now specifies port 21 and the internal/external ports in the router also specify port 21 for forwarding purposes. For good measure I even rebooted the NAS. Unfortunately these changes did nothing to fix the problem. I still cannot access the FTP server from the Internet. The websites and both return negative results. I am still puzzled over the message “Hostname was NOT found in DNS cache”. Any other suggestions? Are you able to use the EX2/4 NAS as an FTP server to clients via the Internet?  


Checkout some of these topics:

bigelowd wrote:

Any other suggestions? Are you able to use the EX2/4 NAS as an FTP server to clients via the Internet?  

Sorry, I don’t have any other suggestions. Usng the wrong port was the only obvious thing to me.

And yes, I have been running the ftp server on my EX2 for outside access from the very beginning without issues.