Remote Backup Solution

Hello to all the users,

I wonder if with WD MyCloud is possible to make a Remote Backup Solution.

At work I have a server you’d like to backup to WD MyCloud at my house.

I’ve been researching and I think the WD SmartWare Pro (installed on the server) make the scheduled backups as I want but canot find information if the same can be sent to the WD My Cloud connected to the Internet in another location?

My Cloud has a license included of the WD SmartWare Pro?

thank you

if you are a good Linux user, you could use rsync natively on the NAS to do your operation. That would involve setting up and opening the right ports.

If you are a good computer user, you could use an FTP server approach, that is supported by several backup software. To set up the FTP for external access, you have to turn it on in the NAS config, forward the FTP ports through your router. This thread might help: