Remote back from one DX4000 to another

I’m interested in putting a DX4000 in our office for our main point of desktop backups/NAS, it seems well suited to handle our assortment of Windows/iOS machines. Just in case of a fire, flood, locust, zombies, whatever, we would like to add a second DX4000 in another location as a backup to the first.    From what I understand there is no default support built in for this, but I was wondering if anyone was get something working?   My first thought was to try something like hamachi along with the base backup software.   I’m open to suggestions, and would love to hear some experiences.

btw: I think it’s great that DX4000 trips the spell checker

The built in backup wizzard is disabled in the Dashboard.  But if you get a 4/2tb version you may still use the standard Windows Server Backup GUI.  The DX now has ISCSI target software you would need to enable if you go this route on the target as WSB will only do full backups to a network share, but works fine/normal to an ISCI target.

If you get a larger box(es), you can use something like Cloudeberrylab to sync the 2 boxes.I used it for the 30 day trial a ways back, but I forget how it handles if you delete something.  You would want the copy to retain it for a while to be able to recover from acidenial deletions.

If you stick with the small DX WSB offers you a calendar to go back for restores.  The DX is built on WIndows Server 2008R2 which has VPN capabilities, but Himachi is a lot easier to configure :slight_smile:

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Thanks!  I figured there had to be a few options out there.  I would think that folks spending $$ for a backup solution are the same type who want an extra layer of redundancy.