Relay Connection Established - Mac & Time Capsule

Hi there,

I’ve been working my way through setting up my new MBL and the remote access does seem to work, but when looking at the “configure” section of remote access on the MBL dashboard it says “Connected (Relay connection established)   For better performance, establish a direct connection by enabling UPnP on your router.”

I’m currently using Time Capsule for backups and as my router, but haven’t got a clue what to do in relation to the above message I’m getting.  Would someone please be able to help and give me a step by step guide including what ports etc need to be defined.

I’ve done a search on google etc. but cannot seem to find what I’m looking for.

Many thanks


Apple products do not support uPnP, so you will need to use relay mode. Not much you can do there.

Right well that’s that then!!

I’ve got fibre optic broadband being installed in a couple of weeks & I know that they will install a
new modem and router (huawei I think they sId) when they do it so the current time capsule will
simply be used for backup purposes. Has anyone got knowledge if this will be any better & if/how to setup upnp for TalkTalk fibre optic broadband?

Also just found the below quote elsewhere on the internet, but no parameters to guide me

Apple calls UPnP…Port Mapping

Open AirPort Utility - Click Manual Setup

Click the Advanced (gear) icon

Any ideas/help anyone?



That probably still won’t work. If we cannot map a port with uPnP, we fall back to relay mode.

In future versions we may allow advanced options to allow you to map the ports manually, but now it will be in relay mode.


Thanks Tony, what about my fibre optic broadband and huawei router question?



Sorry I have no knowledge of those. You might want to review our FAQ on which ports we need to open and look online for the router’s manual to see if it supports uPnP (most modern routers do). However; there are quiet a few routers even today that don’t implement uPnP correctly, so even if you get it setup, sometimes it will still go into relay mode (yes I know - can be frustrating - I have one at my home that does that).

There’s no timetable as to when manual port selection might get enabled on wd2go/MBL?

The reason I wonder is a) because I of course also use an Apple router and b) my guess is that a lot of your customers use these too, as the MBL is a very Mac-friendly product.

No - cannot comment on that timing/if that feature gets in. I only indiated that we “may” add that in at a later point. It is a feature I want, so I will be pushing hard for it :slight_smile:

It does still work with Macs…right? Just not in a direct relayed mode.

Rick1486 wrote:

Apple calls UPnP…Port Mapping


Thats like calling a 10 lane super-highway a side-street. - UPnP is kinda like automatic port mapping … Port Mapping is the old way of doing things (back in the late 90’s through 2007ish) before routers became smart. I’d recommend replacing your router if it can’t do UPnP because many applications these days require it, or work better using it.

Hi guys,

I had fibre optic broadband installed this week, and as a consequence now have a TalkTalk supplied Huawei HG532 router which the MBL is connected to via a Netgear gigabti switch as the Huawei only has 100mbps ports. 

Upon checking the MBL dashboard it still says I’m connected in relay mode and to enable upnp on the router.

I’ve checked the router and upnp is enabled but this isn’t making any difference - can anyone help?  Also, I’d like to assign a static ip to the MBL, but again this isn’t easy on the Huawei - does anyone know how I can do this on this router?



Regarding the first part - I’ve never worked on that router, so i’m not sure…

regarding the second issue, these instructions are usually in your routers manual…

If you can’t find instructions in there, your best bet is to contact their support for assistance with this: