Connected (Relay connection established)

Hi, all:

Unfortunately, the following topic closed and I can’t reply from there.

So, I started a new topic here:

Connected (Relay connection established) 
Port forwarding failed to connect on port 6480 and port 6443 . (Error 31526)

Since, port fowarding will be rewritten by uPnP, so I disabled uPnP. My portwarding is like:

Application Port from Protocol IP Address Port to Enable
MyBookLive 6443 Both 443 ticked
MyBookLive 6480 Both 80 ticked

I can’t see anything wrong with my settings, but MyBookLive just failed to connect on port 6480 and 6443.

Can anybody help to solve this problem please?

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Are you able to access with a different device throught those ports doing the port forwarding?

Hi, thanks ragdexx:

I’m now using port 

8443 (external) ---- 443 (internal)
8470 (external) ---- 80 (internal)

I used my IP cameras to test these 2 external ports, which runs perfectly !!!

The reason why I would like to port forwarding is for the purpose of DDNS. It seems MyBookLive doesn’t support DDNS at all… However, no matter whether MyBookLive supports DDNS or not, Remote Access in MyBookLive settings are just like

Connection Status: Connected (Relay connection established)  
Port forwarding failed to connect on port 8470 and port 8443 . (Error 31526)

BTW, I don’t want to use uPnP… 

So, any other potential errors I made?



If you are looking to use DDNS for you MBL from “Remote Access”, you might be looking in the wrong area.

The Remote Access is made to work with the WD2go feature. The port forwarding vs. relay connection has to do with the connection to your remote WD2go client.

What are you trying to accomplish through Port Forwarding?

Most routers these days support DDNS – It’s not typical to need additional DDNS support on the inside of the network…