RED Pro 8TB noise

Hello everyone.
I recently upgraded my 4TB NAS (wd red) by 8TB wd red pro.
I bought 2 HD. Plugged the first one in (sync of the nas ok). Then plugged the second one in and this one started to act strangely.
It makes 2 clicking noises each 3 seconds (you can imagine how annoying it is)
I discovered this KB: but i dont know if it relates to my case though.

I checked the HD with data lifeguard and tried to do a regular format (with windows) and no problem has been detected.
But the repeating clicking each 3 seconds (!) suggests me there is an issue.

What do you think about? Should I contact the support?
Thank you

Hello wd_chris,

Due to increase in RPM and cache size by WD Red Pro, power consumption increases from NAS enclosure and that would be reason of clicking noises produced by WD Rrd Pro. It is advised to check the compatibility of NAS enclosure with WD Red pro in order to provide adequate input power for its proper function.