So I have a three month old MBL I purchased from office works. 86 hours ago the drive went dead. It starts up with a  blue LED and makes a series of whirs that end in a click. Then the front LED light turns solid red. I have no connectivity through my netgear router- modem/ WDTV LIVE streaming /PS3 or tablets. My MBL is invisible. I have attempted a reset / direct wall socket power. switched ethernet cables even though the cables lights were green and indicated operational status. I have attempted all manner of resets I can find on the forums with out succes of the drive for a cost between two hundred and two thousand $AU. I cannot connect the drive at all. I have a two terrabyte storage that is half full and I cannot access it. The dude at the computer shop told me WD drives are prone to failure depending on the colour type! Black being the most dependable he can recover the content- I told him to go back to his Jap porno and god of war forums but the lguy had a point I have had over three WD HD all of varying brand three passports and an early my book and they have all failed me. But this $200 monster has me furious. Why is there not a USB cable for a direct link. Because now I am in a ghost world of diagnostics. I keep reading the same thing on the forum -check cable- check temprature- check power supply- check Disk SMART failure. Iam a gear fasciest I have all apple hard ware and WD accessories- But WD keeps failing me!. What options/chances do I have in getting the data of this thing so I can smash it with a sledge hammer and jum camps to another HD supplier?. Please help.

It’s probable that the internal hard drive went bad, but just in case call tech support to get a replacement power supply. If that doesn’t work then you might need to contact a professional data recovery company to recover your files.