Recovery from My Cloud


My My Cloud doesn’t work properly anymore… I can’t copy large portions of files from it over the network.

Can I take the drive out, and connect to my computer, so that I can get my files out?

Thank you.


More information about what indicators are leading you to believe the My Cloud is not properly working anymore. Are you accessing a local network My Cloud or one that is in a remote (offsite) location? What color is the front LED? Is it blue or some other color. Can you access the My Cloud with Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder? How is the local network configured, are you using Gigabit wired connections between the My Cloud and the computer? Can you access the My Cloud Dashboard?

If you don’t want help with fixing the problem you have, then, yes, you can remove the HDD and recover the data:

Everything works OK, but after a while everything gets sooooooo slow… Therefore i bought a new external harddrive.
I just want to know if and how I can get the files from the NAS out and over to my new harddrive…

What gets slow? You need to be specific if you want help to possibly solve copy issues between the My Cloud and other devices.

Generally the best way to move a large amount of information/data from the My Cloud to or from an external USB hard drive is to attached that USB hard drive to a computer that is in turn connected to the same gigabit router/switch that the My Cloud is connected to. This is mentioned in the My Cloud User Manual (

Generally copying over WiFi will be slower (in most cases) than copying over Gigabit Ethernet.

One can also try using Rsync from the My Cloud SSH command line to copy files to a USB hard drive attached to the My Cloud’s USB port. Search the internet and this subforum for more information about using Rsync.

One can also use the WD My Cloud Dashboard Safepoint / Backup feature to backup the data from the My Cloud to an external USB hard drive. See the WD support link/User Manual posed earlier in this post for more information on how to use Safepoint / Backup or see the embedded Dashboard Help.