Recover data from mbwe (white, 1 TB)?

My 1 TB MyBook World (white light) stopped functioning, and I tried everything I could muster. So I extricated the drive from the enclosure, installed it in a good USB enclosure to get my files but the drive does not show in my computer. How do I go about accessing my data? Can someone please send me in the right direction?  When I attempt to mount or initialize in Computer management the only option is to Delete volume, all the other options are grayed out. You can see the different share partitions (not their name) and all looks well from that end. Thank you if you can provide some help.

PCs where I attempted to access the data–

Win XP home, 32-bit

Win 7 Pro 64-bit

Win 8 Pro 64-bit

also attempted to use WD discovery software to access it (why not try that eh?)

I’m guessing the MBWE uses Linux partitions which windows can not read by default

Download Disk Internals Linux Reader for Windows and install the program. Hook up the drive to your computer or a usb enclosure and copy your data to another drive with enough space on your computer.

If DiskInternals Linux Reader will not recognize the partitions, it may be because you have a corrupt partition table.
Try using R-Linux
This program will also recover DELETED data from the drive as long as it hasn’t been overwritten by new data.

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Thank you! I will attempt these solutions in the next few days!   One question-- if the first link u gave is not successful, which version of R-Linux (your second link) should I install on a Windows 7 or 8 machine?  There are 3 different programs in that link, just trying to be precise here. The ‘Linux variant’ and ‘windows variant’ offerings are what have me puzzled about which to download.

Windows variant
R-Linux for Windows

The other versions would be for people running Linux Distros as their main OS

So apparently, I might have avoided all this by pressing the reset button for 4 seconds? ( )  Unplugging it to power cycle would not work?  I am truly incensed now. I dismantled the case beyond repair thinking the chassis was hosed. I was far out of warranty coverage.  Guess I will come here next time before panicking!