Recover data for WDBAAF0010HBK

I have a My Book Essential which the USB board is burned out, I have taken the HDD out of the box and connected to the PC the drive is detected normally and no problem on the drive itself but the data is lost (there is no partition visible from Gparted (Ubuntu))

I have tried photorec and tesdisk to recover files and I can get very much files but the strange thing is that there is a many files of very big size 2Gb, 8GB… with extension SWF, ISO … Every files seems to be unusable, I guess data is encrypted or corrupted…

What is the FS of the My book 1 To USB?

If I replace the SATA/USB2.0 broken card, do I have a chance to get my files back?

Someone has another solution to recover data from this device?

Thank you and best regards

Replacing the card will not help with the files since already corrupted

You cannot recover the files as, on a MyBook Essential, they are encrypted, no matter whether you defined a password or not.

However I don’t know if buying the same enclosure or a new MyBook would be sufficient to be able to read the data : I currently have exactly the same problem and I’m trying to get the answer. 

Just replace the bridgeboard with an identical model.

Read the posts by fzabkar he has guided people through getting burned boards working again. He explained which item to check and remove then place a jumper to bypass.