Recertified disk - short warranty


In Febuary 2014 I bought a Scorpio Black disk, WD7500BPKX. Three months later disk died. I created RMA and sent failed disk to Service Center. Around week later (or two) I received (new) recertified disk.

Upon registering disk to my WD account, I noticed that warranty time is quite short, it is just under 120 days. I searched this forum and following thread:

According to that thread, warranty on replacment disk should be the same as on failed disk. The question is: when WD will extend warranty on new disk ?

Thanks in advance for reply.

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Hi yes just contact WD and they will sort it. It does take a bit of time to update the warranty information on the web page but if it has been 2 months or more it should have been changed by now.

Hi blackest, once the RMA department receives the faulty drive the warranty will be updated to the correct one on the replacement. You can read more information regarding this on the following link.

Warranty on the replacement product is shorter than the warranty on the original product

Something I don’t understand here… they already have broken disk, as it was sent in first place. Then I received replacement. 

Doesn’t it work like… they get hands on faulted disk first, send new (recertified) disk later ?