Really very disappointed with the My Cloud Home Device!

Also: This is part of the instructions from Microsoft:
“Back up
There are several ways to back up your PC.
Select the Start button, then select Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Backup and Restore.”

I cannot find “Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Backup and Restore”.
On my Windows 10 computer, that simply does not exist.


Don’t be a douch.

I am regreting wasting my time trying to help you. I gave every link you need: The manual and the procedure to do the backups.

You don´t have to install anything. You just plug the device to the router and go to to setup your user account and access it. I think you at least have read the quick guide that comes in the box.

Regarding windows backups,

If the instructions for windows backup on MICROSOFT website are wrong, that t is not WD fault. I don’t think the WD comunity is the best place to complain about that. (may be microsoft forum?)

I use a mac and I know how to setup a backup up on my computer. If you want help to setup a windows backup, just google it, or wait to someone here to help you, because I’m done with you.

Edit: Oh And I hope you at least are in the right section of the community. I mean, this is the My Cloud HOME section. For the regular My Cloud you are in the wrong section

Ordered one of these before Christmas from Amazon, and it arrived today. Plugged it in and got a flashing LED for 2 hours! Followed the reboot instructions with no improvement. The WD support options are woeful to say the least, and I cannot be bothered spending hours trying to figure it out. This should all be very simple!

Back in the box and back to Amazon straight away. It only visited my house for 4 hours!

What a joke. WD you need to have a good bloody look at yourselves.

Good grief.

I actually love the MyCloud product but this retarded cousin version with “Home” needs to be taken off the market. Its a glorified desktop usb drive with a network card. I mean taking away DNLA was as dumb as it gets. I bought it yesterday not thinking about the missing capability and this whole “loop jumping” with Plex is for the birds. I took it back almost immediately after discovering the shortcoming. I ended up ordering another MyCloud (minus the “Home”) off newegg. Surprisingly, the 2TB version of the MyCloud is almost double in price vs. the 3TB… go figure. The actual MyCLoud works great with Roku. Avoid this “Home” product like the plague.

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I almost forgot… no web interface. Have to download software to talk to it after confirming the drive on WD’s site??? Uh NO THANK YOU!!!

This is the worst product ever. the software is completely unusable. Western digital has completely dropped the ball on this. it’s impossible to take back ups of small files even one connected directly to the computer over a router or even when over direct USB connection.

There is no reason why it should be connected to the Internet when using with in the house. Why should the backup use my precious internet data when taking back ups over the home network. In addition taking backups is impossible when connecting over a slow Internet connection.

Such a waste of money.

The product doesn’t even support the ability to backup the mycloud home to an external hard drive which means that now that I’ve got all my documents on the western digital mycloud and no way to easily transfer to an external hard drive. WHY is there no support to back up using external drive over usb connection.

Such limited connectivity options. The device is worth less than the hard drive that’s in it. This product is so ill-conceived. So much money wasted.


I second that… this device is just impossible to use. It uses a lot of buzz words. Maybe wd should stick with making hardware. They have no understanding of how good software. The software limitations on mycloud home despite having hardware is prime example of this

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I recently purchased an MC-Home 4TB
I got it to replace my original MC-2TB which works flawlessly and perfectly it was just virtually full.
I got “The Home” in the belief that new is better than old.
I didn’t realize that in this case the new was like going back to the Amstrad and not the latest Mac.

Having the ability to connect via ethernet to my TV was the single best part of the device. It means Im not reliant on internet/Wi-Fi connections and streaming or 3rd party APPS to make this thing work as I require.

That I, a non-techie person could simply plug, follow a simple install instruction, and get it working was a bonus, thanks for making a once vocal supporter of “My Cloud” now question just who you are trying to attract with this latest hash job.

WD very disappointed in this product, a step back not a step forward.

At best its going to be relegated to being just a “dumb” and not “smart” device that hopefully, I can connect via a network switch to turn it into soley a drive to dump stuff

You can do that with a USB HDD attached to a router that has media support and save yourself half the cost of a My Cloud Home (MCH).

Read up on the vulnerability of the My Cloud device and that will give you an idea why WD chose to lock down the MCH. Plus the fact that the original My Cloud was a very slow device and has the same vagaries of functionality that the MCH is accused of.