Re-writing & saving new document direct to WD Cloud divise from a remote location?

I have recently purchased the WD My Cloud Mirror and have it at my office.  Office PC = Win7 (prof.) using Firefox

At home I added the remote WD App to my home PC = Win7 (home) using Firefox.

When at home I access a document (like MS Excel data sheet) and I can make changes to the document and save them and the document is then updated on the Cloud devise. This works fine.

The problem is often I like to make changes to a document = rewrite or use as a template (from home). I open the document, make changes and want to save under a new file name it does not end up on the cloud devise in the office. Furthermove it is not visibal in the WD app on the home computer or from any other locations.

I see it saves the document in some kind of folder on my home PC but it somehow does not get transfered or show up as a document in the WD app.

One and only one time I received a pop up window from the WD app asking if the file should be updated or create a new file.  This only happend once an never again!!

I have helped myself in that I open the document from the cloud (via WD app) make changes then save it to my desk top with the new file name.  Then I drag and drop it into  the folder via the WD app.  This works but has extra steps, which I assumme are not really needed.

I assume that I am doing something wrong or some settings are not right.  I would think that it should be possible to make the changes and save the document under a new file name directly to the WD cloud divice from the remote location.

Your help would be greatly appeciated. I have checke the forum and could not find any such question in the past.

Hi Andy2HB, welcome to the WD Community. Your problem seems to be related to the one on the link below.

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Thanks for the link but I do not think my issue was the same.

I could open all Microsoft products (word, excel,…) as well as .jpg, .pdf and so on remotely (like from my home pc) as well as from my smart phone and I could edit the files (word, excel) and when I saved them then it would be saved directly to the WD Cloud.  This all worked fine.

My issue was if I am at home (on a remote PC) and open the file, edit it but do not “save” but “save as” for example “version 2” so that the original document stays and my edits are on the new file. I would click on “save as” and enter a new file name. I could see the location where the file gets saved to and see that was a folder from the WD App, which I assume is used to pulled store opened filed on my remote PC.  Then I saved and closed. Just like we all do with word or excel when we use them as a template.

This new file never got transfered on to the My Cloud devise. 

I assume that the WD software App installs a folder on the remote PC and then when a file is opended and/or edited and “saved” with the original file name (not “save as”) the files is changed and then syncronised from that folder with the My Cloud devise.  If my assumption is correct the for some reason ths new file which I edited and did a “save as” with a new file name never got syncronised with the My Cloud devise. 

I spent many hours trying to figure it out thinking I was doing something wrong (and maybe was but could find no quick help). I as a small business owner loved the idea of the devise but it used a lot of my valuble time for something I think the devise should be able to a simple “save as” from a remote location coming out of the box. I gut frustrated and returned the My Cloud with a tear in my eye.  It would be great if WD could solve this problem or someone let me know how it works then I would give it a second shot.