MS Office access


I am able to remotely open virtually all files stored on My Book Live except Microsof t Office programs.  PDF, JPG, TXT and others all open fine on the PC, but trying to open any MS Office file (Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc) requests a username and password.  How do I either find the correct username/ password to open these files or how do I disable this feature.  Interestingly, the files opens up perfectly using the Android app on my mobile.

I’m desperate to sort this out and appreciate all assistance.



If you’re talking about accessing them via WD 2Go on your PC,  you have to COPY the file to the local disk, and make your edits there.

Is this really the only way? It seems to only be a problem with Microsoft Office documents, as I can happily open, edit and save text files for example. Someone must know how to get this to work properly!