Rdiff-backup and point-in-time backups

I think just about any NAS solution needs to have backup versioning / snapshots. I’m surprised that the My Cloud product doesn’t bundle any sort of differential backup versioning. Having a single backup version on an external drive is not sufficient.

A simple solution would be to use rdiff-backup to push daily increments to any other rdiff-backup target (rsync via SSH, CIFS share, etc.) Does anyone know how to install rdiff-backup on this device? Most of the dependencies are missing (libc6 and about a dozen others) so I cannot simply install the Debian .deb file.

I think WD needs to implement rdiff-backup in their firmware and create a simple web interface to view point-in-time versions of a share/folder and restore them.

If one has an older gen 1 v4.x firmware version My Cloud they could, unofficially, use another OS which may provide one the ability to script their own custom backup of the My Cloud to another device.

For the newer gen 2 v2.x firmware My Cloud its much harder.

So long as rsync is available via SSH one could possibly script a backup process using (I assume) cron. An alternative to Safepoint is discussed in the following thread:

And one might be able to use Goodsync to do some sort of scheduled backup as well.

Thanks for the info. I’ll check out GoodSync. I have the gen2 version. Currently I’m using rdiff-backup to pull from the NAS using CIFS shares. This works, but it’s not bandwidth friendly… fwiw, here’s my (trivial) bash script I run from OS X.


SHARES=( "Media" "Public" )

echo ""

for i in "${SHARES[@]}"
  echo "Backing up $i"
  if [ ! -d "/Volumes/$i" ]; then
    open -g "$NAS_PATH/$i"
    echo -n "Waiting for /Volumes/$i to mount..."
    while [ ! -d "/Volumes/$i" ]
      echo -n "."
      sleep 1
  echo ""
  sleep 1
  rdiff-backup /Volumes/$i /Volumes/$TARGET/$i || exit