Backup My Cloud to MyBook World Edition Whitelight


I want to backup backup/sync files from my My Cloud (4TB) to my old MyBook World Ed Whitelight (1TB).

I would like to automate this NAS -> NAS (keep the PC out of the loop).

I obviously can’t use Safepoint as my target is not big enough, and I don’t want to sync everything, just certain folders/shares.

I’ve been looking at rsync but being new to it I’m struggling to work out what I need to do, and which device I’ll be setting up the schedule on.

I have done a search within the forum but I can’t really find a specific guide for my needs.

Can anybody help with an idiots guide to setting this up, or at least point me in the right direction?

Thank you!

Safepoint is an entire Snapshot and requires for the target to be as big as your source NAS irrespective of available/used space. I would recommend using a dedicated application but you have mentioned you would like for the process not to involve a PC.

Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

Yes I would like the backup to run from one of the WD devices, not the PC.

Does anyone have any thoughts on installing Open Media Vault and using the rsync GUI to achieve this?
What are the downsides of OMV over the stock WD? I saw some people mention samba was slow.