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I have to ask…

I know I’m new to this forum but after reading many topics related to issues I’m having with my device it seems like users are left to help each other here instead of WD actually giving us direct causes and solutions to the problems we’re having.

Example:  My brand new EX4’s CPU runs at 100% for days on end due to some “CONVERT” process.  I’ve found many topics on this issue and the only people posting in these threads are other users speculating on what the problem might be. We shouldn’t have to speculate on what an issue might be caused by and be forced to test out these theories one by one on our own.  It saves WD resources for a WD Tech Support rep to monitor these forums and give direct causes and solution to issues many of us face as once it’s posted here others can view the provided solutions and implement them without having to tie up WD’s phone lines for hours on end.  I’ve noticed this in many topics.  I know issues may be caused by many potential variables but I’ve read threads where you can see users trying to resolve widespread issues for days, weeks, and possibly years. I’ve been reading multiple topics on the CPU at 100% issue with the EX4s but not once has an actual WD staff member chimed in to state… “The Convert process is associated with XXX and is running because of XXX” or “XXX is the proper solution to resolve the CPU usage issue you’re experiencing”.  You guys built the device so why not tell us what the heck is causing the problem so we can fix it and deal with actual issues in our lives that need our attention?  To be quite honest I’d rather follow the preferred solution by the manufacturer rather than a potential solution by some other member whom may not know better and advise someone to do something that’s not good for the device. Why not have a Tech Support Rep review these types of topics and research the actual cause and solution for a problem where we can all benefit from reading the solutions instead of having one on one support sessions which cost WD much more in terms of time and energy to resolve the same issue over and over one on one?  There’s no way I’m the only one wondering about this. 

I know this is a forum feedback section so I didn’t mean to bring up any specific issues here but it’s a great example. 


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Hi Jumpman,

In the case of the high CPU usage the solution requires a firmware update.  There is no providing a solution that you can do on your own through the device.  If there was, we would have already happily posted it.  And we do post solutions when we can.  Nevertheless, what you are seeing in the community truly is users helping users.  Because the firmware update process takes time, users will sometimes come up with work-arounds until the update to fix gets released. 

Now, whether you can really trust the work-arounds provided by users depends on some common sense and the reputations of the various users.  If you don’t see much reputation with a user, and the work-around seems sketcthy, then I would not apply it.  If you see other users successfully using a work-around supplied by a user with reputation, then you should feel more comfortable with applying it.  But it really is up to you whether you should do what other users are doing, or not.