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I have had a 4TB personal cloud device for some time, and have successfully set up remote access to it for a several members of the family.

I have 2 personas - an “admin” with R/W access to all shares, and a personal account (different email) with more restricted access. The passwords are 16-character “random noise” strings of upper/lower alpha, numeric, and specials chars.

This has been working for many months, but suddenly today I find that the personal account can’t log in via No matter what I do, I am told the “email or password is incorrect”. Of course, they are NOT incorrect - they are being auto-typed by a password manager.

I have tried resetting the same password several times, and also tried several times to change it to something new. Each time the change appears to be accepted - I get an email saying so - but then still I can’t log in.

There appears to be no way for the “admin” persona … which can log in … to change the password for the other account, so I appear to be stuck.

Am I exceeding some limit? The password prompts advise only on minimums: 8 chars, upper, lower, special, etc. I’d like the passwords to be as strong as possible … but still work!!!

Very confused,

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Even weirder … I have found that I can log on with either persona from Internet Explorer, but only from the admin persona with either Firefox or Chrome. And IE fails too if Chrome is open at the same time.

WTF ???

Are there other computers on your network (or do you know anyone with a laptop) that you could use to test? That sounds… very odd, and I suspect its something local to the computer.

I have several computers available belonging to different family members. All have IE8 (win7) and Chrome, and one has Firefox. All the browsers are running https-everywhere and adblock. I additionally run firebug and nosquint in Firefox.

The other computer using Firefox can’t log in as any user - it looks like it accepts the password, but then it hangs. Browser isn’t hung, just the page. I checked other sites and AFAICT the browser is working fine - only bawking at mycloud.

Using Firefox from my desktop and laptop I can log in as any user except my personal persona.

Chrome seems to work everywhere today. It didn’t work on my 2 computers yesterday. Sigh!! Did it update itself overnight?

IE works everywhere.

@#$% non-reproducible behavior drives me crazy. I am a professional software developer of 20+ years … I know how to test things. aarrgghh!!!


So far, Chrome and IE are behaving themselves - I can log in as any user.

Firefox though:

  • I tried disabling all extensions … still doesn’t work - I can log in as any user except my personal persona.

  • Tried turning tracking protection off - same result.

  • Already accepting 3rd party cookies. Cookies are allowed session only. Cache and cookies all are erased when the browser exits.

  • I don’t let any browser collect sign-in information. I use Keepass to manage passwords.

  • I tried a complete uninstall / reinstall of Firefox on one computer. Same result even with no extensions installed.

Something is whacked. Even if it were the case that Keepass’s auto-type wasn’t working correctly, I should be able to log in manually … but I can’t.


Going from bad to worse. This afternoon, NONE of the browsers on any machine will let me log in as the personal persona.

The only thing I can think of is that both email addresses start with the same username … but the domains are different. Is dumb enough not to look at the entire address?

Or maybe this is this related to changes made for MyCloud Home?

Aarrgghh !!!


I am not able to log on to my PR4100 with - it just hangs. This is using my up-to-Date I)ad Pro. If I click on the thing at the top wanting me to go the WD Acess, which is already installed, I get a WDGeneralNetworkError 4.01. In fact, I get this error on several Windows machines and a PowerBook Pro.

If I can get WD Access to open, it barfs with the same error if I try to access by Microsoft OneDrive. This was all working fine until a few days ago.