Problems streaming music from WD MyCloud to Sonos on Mac

I’ve recently got a mac and moved my WD MyCloud and Sonos to it from a PC where it was working fine but now I can’t enter the music library on my Sonos.

I’m basically trying to get the Sonos to recognise the WD MyCloud path so I type \WDMyCloud\Public\Shared Music and the message I get is that it was unable to add music…(900).

I’ve googled this, read a lot of forums and still the same thing happens, yesterday on my pc there was no issue but moving it to the MAC I’ve now got no music. I was hoping a Mac user here might be helpful enough to offer advice

Hello  Porkpie74,

I did a quick search about the error that you are getting and it came back with a lots of options including one from the Sonos Community

See if the following links helps.