Is My Cloud right for network based storage?

Quite some time ago I purchased a My Cloud Drive to use as a network based media server (or perhaps more appropriately a music server since I am not running media server software nor have I put any movies on yet). I use an iMac and iTunes and pointed to the My Cloud drive as the music library. This seems to be problematic in that it appears I need to have the iMac running in order to see the MyCloud drive from Sonos. What I would really like to get to would be a NAS situation in a Raid Configuration. I know iTunes isn’t optimal for this as it has its quirks that can be very frustrating but now that I have about 9000 songs on it I figure I need to keep it. Someday I would like to be able to access movies from this storage as well. Can someone recommend the correct hardware for this (and software if applicable). Hopefully a set up that is working great with aforementioned components Thank you for your input and assistance on this,

The My Cloud IS a network attached storage device.

When working with iTunes its important to ensure you copy over the entire iTunes media library to the My Cloud and update the iTunes media library setting within iTunes on your computer to reflect the media library being on the My Cloud. Certain issues of iTunes being working right with the My Cloud come down to these two basic issues. Not copying over all the folders in the iTunes media library and not changing the iTunes media library setting. See the following links for more information on moving the iTunes media library to an NAS device.

How to set up an iTunes library on a network-attached server

How to offload your iTunes library to a NAS

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Edit to add: Additionally if you already have a single bay My Cloud device and are worried about loosing the data on it, you can either attach an external USB hard drive to the My Cloud’s USB port to backup (using Safepoint / Backup) within the My Cloud Dashboard, or use the Safepoint / Backup option within the Dashboard to backup to another local network location including another NAS like a second My Cloud. See the My Cloud User Manual ( for more information on the My Cloud, its features / settings, and how to back it up to another device.