Problems creating a new account for Cloud access and others after upgrading to my cloud os5

I already replied to your case, please check the case.

Thanks, I believe your analysis is correct and will do the proposed troubleshooting.

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Ok guys, that’s what i have done to solve the problem:
Note that this can be very helpful to those whom haven’t any chance to backup all of their data on the hdd, especially if you have 2 disks in Raid1.

first of all, thanks to @Swanesang to tell us how he fixed his problem
His fix is exactly from where i started my attempt to fix all my issues.

1st - i have shutdown the EX2 ultra and took out of the bay 2 the volume 2 disk which had the same data of the volume 1, because i was running my Nas in Raid1.

2nd - Then i Turned on again the EX2 Ultra and switched to Jbod my volume 1 disk, which has also formatted my volume 1 hdd.
After that, i simply rebooted my Nas and everything was working fine, again. So i created mycloud os5 new account without problems and even checked the firmware auto-update which was working fine and if there was a new firmware and all was working fine. Shutdown the EX2 ultra again.

3rd - i plugged the volume 2 hdd which i previously took out from the Nas with a sata usb3.0 powered adapter in one of my windows laptop

4th - i installed on my windows laptop the diskinternals linux reader software, the freeware version, which enables you to read ext4 partitioned disks

5th - i connected my WD Mycloud EX2 Ultra via ethernet cable to my laptop (note that if you have a static ipv4 address on your Nas, just set your laptop or desktop computer ethernet ipv4 connection address with an address belonging to the same class, same subnet and same gateway.
For me it was like this:
Nas ipv4 setting:

ip address:
Subnet mask:

so i have set my laptop ethernet connection like this:

ip address:
Subnet mask:

Then i have turned it on and reached my EX2 ultra using Chrome at the address and logged in to create a new folder in the shares section (formerly you should have only Public folder and one more which i can’t remember right now, both public) and i disabled the public permission on that folder, giving the permission to connect and read/write only to my admin account

6th - i launched the diskinternals software, which has recognized my WD 3.0Tb Nas disk, i clicked on it.
If when you click on the disk the software will show you an error message where it tells you that the raid is damaged, but it can be recovered, just click ok and it will show you up the disk’s folder structure. After that, i entered the folder structure and i simply selected all the folders and then right click on them and choose “Save” from the pop-up menu.
Then, on the next window i checked “Save” and clicked “Next”. Then i have chosen the path where i wished to save all the folders and data, keeping the “save folder structure” checked, and the path was “Network -> Mycloudex2ultra -> “my new folder”” and then “Next”.
This way i have copied all my data (folder structure and all of the files exactly as they were saved on my volume 2 disk as part of the raid1 volume before switching the volume 1 only as Jbod). 2.2Tb of data took just about 10 hours. i started to copy all at 11pm so it finished the morning after.

7th - i have Shutdown my Nas and i placed back my volume 2 hdd (the Hdd from where i previously copied all the data via ethernet on the volume 1 hdd in my Nas) into the bay 2

8th - i Turned it on again and logged into the Dashboard and changed the raid mode again switching it to Raid1 using the option “migrate to Raid 1”. So, the Nas operating system selected to test and format the Volume 2 Hdd in the 2nd Bay and, this way, erased all of its data, replacing them again mounting the Raid1.

Now i have the Raid1 enabled again and the Nas working again like it was working with OS3. I can sign in to my cloud account and see all of my data.
Anyway, something that still needs to be fixed is the remote connection as it was before OS5 update, because i still have to leave at least my MacMini in my house to connect remotely to it and connect through it on the local network to my EX2 ultra to operate like if i was home…

I hope this simple guide can help all of those whom have the same issue that i have had in the last 4 weeks.

And i am very Thankful to all at WD for all the time wasted during this period… Maybe next time you can choose to operate to collect new customers, but not to loose the most of them.

Yeah you did wayyy more than the tech had to do to fix mine. He used chrome remote desktop, ssh, and some commands later “volume_2” was switched back to “volume_1” and all functionality has been restored.

My problem was that i was living in another city in this period and my Ex2 was unreachable from there. Once i came in my home and updated to the new OS5, but the same day i had to leave again and had no time to do anything. So i could only study some process to try to fix all the issues. As i came back home, i did all the processes and i was right.
I hope to be helpful to those whom still have to fix.