Problem with external hard drive (WD My Passport Ultra)

*I have 2 external hard drives, both from WD.

*The first is a slightly older 1.5TB WD Elements 2.0 USB that works perfectly with WDTV Live Streaming when I plug it in.

*My second is a newer 2TB WD My Passport Ultra 3.0 USB.

*The second will not be recognized by my WDTV Live Streaming box.

*I have tried both USB ports but neither work

*On a rare occasion a very fast message is posted on the top of the tv screen when I plug in the hd but it is too fast to read

*I did not format either HD and just used them straight out of the box as they came.

*The newer external HD is full but I am wiling to reformat it and start from scratch if that could be the issue. It is currently formatted as NTFS same as the older HD

*The newer external HD only gets power from the USB port, not from an external power source like the older external HD

Any suggestions?

Take the non-functioning drive to a PC and run a chkdsk on it. Then eject it properly before taking it back to the player. 

My 2TB WD My Passport Ultra 3.0 USB works perfectly with my WD TV Live SMP.