Problem with All WD Caviar Black, Low quality contacts cover for the docking of the heads

I had to write you a letter about the poor quality of your company products that you have taken into account and corrected deficiencies in the following series of your products. In this series HDD WD Caviar Black I had noticed the poor quality of coverage contact the controller to attach heads, they are rapidly oxidized or contaminated from external influence, possibly due to changes in temperature or humidity of the environment, resulting in the refusal of the device.
I personally had to fix some of these faulty products your company, just cleaned the contacts on the controller normal office eraser (lastick), then your product begins to work.
It was particularly unpleasant with your latest product, it worked only three days after the installation of a computer, and operates only in archival video …
Although you stated warranty on this product in 3 years, as can be so unfair to promise such a guarantee, with such as your product?

See the following thread:

It appears that RoHS is responsible for a lot of quality issues in all manner of consumer equipment. In particular, technicians are seeing a lot of dry solder joints. This is because lead free solder melts at a much higher temperature. Another insidious problem reintroduced by RoHS is tin whiskers.