Pre-sale Quetion

I’m basically a newbie to the NAS servers and I have a client that is interested in the DS5100 product.  I know it run windows applications but, I want to ask specifically on one application.  Will the DS5100 run Microsoft Dynamic **bleep** or RMS from it.  i.e. can it be setup as a host to a terminal client?  Appreciate any answers.  Mike

Not sure what got Bleeped but if it was CRM looks like the anser is no.  And the answer would also be no to Terminal Server.  The problem is not that it is a “NAS” box, but it is the domain controller.

Now if you already have a DC, then this box can be a member server and all will be fine.  If you have a DC when you first power on this box and get to the Essentials setup, you need to cancel that.Join the Domian, reboot and THEN continue with the Essentials setup

Running Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server 2013 in a production environment on an Active Directory domain controller is not supported.

I believe the software for Micrsoft Dynamics Retail Management Solution can not run on the DS5100 or DS6100.  Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials (the role being a domain controller)  – won’t allow a full installation of Microsoft SQL or Microsoft Exchange. Those applications were design for 1,000’s of users - and so the restrictions make sense.

[Edit  –  Gramps provides a better explanation.]

The DS5100 or DS6100 should run most RMS – but do check with the vendor of the RMS for their compatibility with Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2.

What got **bleeped** was my abbreviation for ‘Point Of Sale’.  My client has alwasy referred to the software package as Microsoft RMS since they only have one Point of Sale terminal in the business.  The other day when they were bringing up the adminstration part of the package the splash screen read Microsoft Dynamic Point Of Sale (actually abreviated Point of Sale).

So, I will check with a software vendor to see if what they are running is compatible on Windows Server 2012 / Windows Server 2012 R2.

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Be sure to include the question will it run on a/the Primary Domain Contoller.