PR4100 Web File Viewer Scroll Bugs already 3 YEARS (pls no excuse, its not useless feature)

Same as: Web file viewer does not show all files/folders

using chrome and firefox on android 9 mobile phone

Cannot explore next page

@SasukeVita it’s a Browser / Java issue. You’re missing the slider highlighted by the red box.
The example below is Firefox Quantum 68.3.0esr (64-bit) on Windows 10 Enterprise

I think thats not the way to develop app. Client browser will not fix itself, it will not follow you, you should follow the client browser rules.

Browser scroll works on view system logs using mobile browser.

Its clearly not browser fault.

Web file viewer should can do that scroll too.

This bugs has been 3 years and no fix Web file viewer does not show all files/folders

Its not useless, im using it to move large files between shares.

When moving large files in one share its use nas resources to transfer files, but when im moving large files to different share, it use my android phone resources to transfer files and its slow(its like download from share A then upload to share B).

Using web file viewer to move large files between shares are easier, its using nas resource itself to transfer data not using client resources, its user friendly too and i dont need to use ssh.

Btw there is android app my cloud too, but im not using it to transfer data, because its deleted file permanently even share using recycle bin enabled. I dont want to accidentally delete my files and cannot recover it.

Thats why web file viewer is important.

At least it can do the job as viewer.

Not supporting common mobile browser feels like half heart feature.

If it cannot do scroll, it still can use paging number as navigation.

Its not about managing ten thousand folders.

I have try several smb client apps.
Using smb moving a folder to different shares (same volume) with 30GB size is very slow its like client side copy paste.

Web file viewer can do simple server side (copy/move) a folder with large size faster between different shares. I dont even need to use ssh.