PR4100 RAID 5 expansion 'stuck' on Resizing

I have the PR4100 and when I first commissioned it I installed a single Drive into slot 1. I created a JBOD and this is volume 1. I subsequently installed 3x 10TB WD RED drives into slots 2, 3 and 4 and created a RAID 5 array, which is Volume 2.
I’ve now removed drive 1 (volume 1) and added a 4th 10tb WD RED drive and set the PR4100 to expand the RAID 5 array. This I started at the beginning of the week and it has been slow (as expected given the amount of data), but it successfully got to the point of ‘resizing’ (so balancing and parity check complete), but is now stuck on resizing and has been for about 48 h. All data is available, but when left alone the device goes to sleep and all drives spin down, so it isn’t doing anything as part of the ‘resizing’. The dashboard is reporting everything as being healthy, but of course I have no additional storage available. Moreover, my previous PLEX installation was lost and so I reinstalled PLEX, but it is not accessible from the web browser. I believe I lost the original installation because I’m guessing it was installed on volume 1, which I’ve removed. I’m also wondering whether the fact that PLEX will not now fire up is for the same reason i.e. there is no volume 1 available (only volume 2). So the questions I have are:

  1. Should I expect the resizing to take as long as the data transfer (unlikely given the lack of drive activity right now).
  2. Has the removal of Volume 1 caused issues here and will it continue to cause issues?
  3. If the answer to 2 is yes, can I remove the array, reset the PR4100 somehow and add the array back for the PR4100 to recognise it (as volume 1)?
    Worst case scenario is that I can put the data back on the drive as I have a backup, but I’d obviously like to avoid this if possible.

thanks for any help

Hi kaledi,

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Thanks - have responded to the case and PM.
As way of update for others, I ended up giving up waiting and recreated the array. Advice support gave me was to wait, but after 4 days and nothing happening and I mean nothing as far as I am concerned it was never going to happen. The drives had spun down, there was zero activity in the device (at least apparent to me).
Fortunately I had a full back up on an EX4100 and rebuilt the raid and now it is perfect.
I also wanted to expand the EX4100 and followed the same procedure, and I’m afraid very similar results so far. The incorporation of the 4th drive was successful up to the point of resizing - on this occasion it is ‘stuck’ saying ‘waiting to resize’. I’ve left it 2 days and no activity at all, and I’m going to leave it a little longer but I don’t have much faith it will work. If as WD support suggest these should be left as they take time, then why isn’t there a progress bar in the same way there is for the rebalancing and parity check?

I am stuck in Resizing. In Storage / RAID status says “Resizing” and there are no buttons to change RAID mode or delete volume. How to I rebuild the RAID volume?

Did you ever get this figured out? I’m in the same boat

No help from support. I finally had to reformat array, losing all data, and restoring from backup.