Stuck in wait to resize process

I’m using 4 bay EX-4100 for around 2 years now. I had 3x4TB WD-red discs inside running in RAID5 which gives around 8TB of free space.
Once I hit 5TB of used space I decided to add one more 4TB disc(exact same model and others spec like the previous ones). Rebuild process took around 18 hours which is fine. I didn’t have problems described
here RAID rebuild taking days/weeks/months/not working?. However after this, additional space is still not available. Some “Wait to resize” procedure is run since 7 days now.

In logs I can see that start resize proces restarts every 15-30 minutes.

I can’t even reboot my NAS because this process was blocked due to this resize procedure.
This bug seems to exists at least from 2017 (4 years now). See similar threads

I’ve created support ticket for this 211030-001775. No solution so far. Is there anything other than formatting everything?


My experience this summer was exactly the same as yours. I raised a ticket and the WD support team were not helpful, in fact I’d say time wasting asking a list of questions that has nothing to do with the issue, escalating the issue to the next support level who then became less contactable and less responsive until I had to start a new ticket as I got no response, I did this 3 times then gave up. I transferred al my data to an old 4 tb drive I had, then rebuilt the whole nas from scratch then transferred the data back. That was a much less painful process than working with WD Support. I hope you get it sorted as it was a horrible issue to solve and WD should be ashamed for not having fixed this bug for 4 years.

Im having a similar issue but nothing in the logs to indicate what might be going on behind the scenes. Ive now started a backup to another drive (thankfully I have one large enough) and going to start clean but this is an awful user experience I must say!

After 3 weeks and dozen of wasted hours I’ve decided to move all data to any possible device I own and to Dropbox(not a quick job for 5TB of data). After that I rebuilt RAID which wasn’t so easy as NAS stuck in “wait to resize” mode and rebooting nor rebuilding was possible. To make it possible I had to restore system settings(remember to backup your config before this).


Support ticket I created wasn’t helpful at all. As some of you mentioned above it was just asking some obvious questions. After escalation there is no answer since two weeks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you are reading this in let’s say 2023 and this bug still exist. I blame myself for choosing WD over other companies. What’s the point of having RAID 5 NAS if you can’t replace any of your discs? It looks like a critical bug which is ignored by WD since 2017 at least. Is there any bug backlog where community can track this bug? Or you planning to ignore existence of this bug for another 5 years?

Stuck in wait to resize process
hi. we are in 2023 (welcome to the future) I wonder if a solution was found for resize bug?.
I’m using 2 bay my cloud mirror (OS5). I decided to change my 2x4TB WD-red discs for 2x12TB WD red-PRO. I used the expansion option under Storage>RAID Mode > “expand capacity" and followed the instructions of the software: disc 1 was removed and replaced with the larger drive. After moving the data, disc 2 was removed and replaced with second larger drive. Rebuild process of RAID 1 is completed but still blocked in “Wait to resize” procedure …24H already !
Has a solution been found?