Power loss detected on port 1

This is probably a really dumb question but I have a circuit in my house which sometimes blows. When it does I get a message from my WDMyCloud box that “Power loss detected on port 1” … and I’m wondering what is “port 1”?

I ask this in part because:

  • I didn’t think the WDMyCloud was actually on the mains power loop that lost power
  • The network link it is connected to IS on the mains power loop that lost power … could it be detecting that?
  • If it did actually effect the power going into the room my WDMyCloud is running in, it is still sitting behind a full scale UPS so it shouldn’t have lost juice itself.

What My Cloud model/version do you have?

Can you post a screen shot of the error message?

Does your My Cloud have more than one networking port?

It is possible that message may appear if the power to the router/switch the My Cloud is connected to goes down but the My Cloud remains powered.

The error message I was referring to was an email that was sent to me inbox, the full contents were:

Following events are generated on your WDMyCloud VeniceCloud.

Event title:Power loss detected

Event description:Power loss detected on port 1.


Event code:1022

Event time:02-09-2018 07:50:22 AM

Firmware version: 2.30.181

With regard to the model number … this product category is confusing. The serial number is WCC7K0SN0J88 if that gives it away. It looks like:


To me this looks like the UPS lost power. Is the UPS connected to the MC with a USB cable? You could test this by removing the power plug for the UPS. If you get an email for the power loss on port 1.

I also dug into the room’s UPS a bit and it seems the MyCloud device was plugged into the surge protection only, not the battery backed up part.

I too am getting this message. about every 2 weeks. Not using a UPS.
Following events are generated on your MyCloudEX2Ultra .

Event title:Power loss detected

Event description:Power loss detected on port 1.


Event code:1022

Event time:09-28-2018 04:12:45 PM

Firmware version: 2.30.196

I have been having the same problem, the Nas drive will disconnect from the network in the middle of streaming to my TV and can no longer be found in the connected devices. I narrowed it down to when the PC is shut down, while the PC is on I have no issues, this is driving me nuts as to what’s causing it, why should it have a power failure when it’s connected to my router and not have a problem when the PC is on?

I get the same message on my desktop (Power Loss Detected Port 1, 1022) all the time. I replaced the power cord from WD and I am still getting the message. Did anyone come up with a solution?

after last firmware update, i no longer get this message. Still using original power adapter.

What is your firmware update? Mine is 2.11.178, and I get the message that the firmware is up to date. Hmm. Thanks

how often do you get this message?

I got one about 55 minutes ago.

I have the same issue with my ex2. Initialy i though was the hdd on port 1 but i swap the hdd fom port 2 to port 1 but again the same message. Any suggestion pls?

This is the message i get