Power Loss Detected Port 1

I get this message intermittently, and Factory Restore Completed, and now seeing Raid Rebuild Completed volume 1. Unit 30 days old, seems to struggle with video conversion ‘Server not powerful enough to play video’. Any suggestions welcome.

The power loss error is exactly what it says.

Can also be caused by brown-outs where other devices and home appliances are more resilient and not effected.

I get them frequently in the summer.

The RAID array can get corrupted during any power dip or failure.

Might be worth it to get a simple and cheap UPS.

I’m using a UPS and my other devices are working great.

I have the exact same problem. My EX2 is plugged into a UPS system as well.
Is Port 1 referring to the whole EX2 unit or individual HDD inside?