Power cord with 5 pin that attaches to hard drive


Power cord Not available in Australia
`Hi have an older external hard drive G-tech 500 gb quad interface drive . . I need a new power cord to operate this drive . Cord is only available in the USA & seller does not send internationally .

Does anyone have a old power cable with the 5 prongs or have any suggestions to power up this drive thanks email awsglobal@me.com

I have a couple of power supplies with that type of plug … it’s not a separate “Power Cord” it’s attached to a Power Supply, which you really need to know the Exact Voltage and Amps and whether it’s AC or DC.

Another option … if you just connect the drive via USB and don’t use the Firewire or eSATA connections

Remove the drive from the enclosure (it’s a standard SATA drive) and put it in a 3rd Party USB 3.0 enclosure or a USB Dock (which will come with a power supply) and problem solved. (USB3.0 speed will be comparable to FireWire 800)

Yet another option … if all you want to do is recover the data on the drive without spending any money then remove the drive from the enclosure and connect to a Desktop PC via SATA plus the PC power, then you can access the data.

HI Joey

Thanks for replying to me email concerning the drive I can not connect to due to broken prongs .

Belo is the actual power cord supplied with the product . The other end is where you attach your power cord . .

I live in Australia I would buy a new power adaptor on eBay but the seller does not ship overseas.

You can not detach the broken 5 prong cord as it is a fixed cord unlike the other end where you attach your power cord .

I will try your other suggestions and see if that works .

This prong system is a design vault as I am not the only person to have experienced the prongs breaking off .

Thanks Andrew

I live in Australia too (Queensland)

If it’s just broken pins on a plug …i could pop down to my local Jaycar Electronics and buy a 5 Pin Line Plug for $1.65 AUD and repair/replace the plug in 5 Minutes (I used to work in a TV/Electronics Repair Shop)

Maybe see if there are any TV/Electronics repair shops in your area (even ask the guys at Jaycar) to replace the plug … it’s a dead simple fix, compared to trying replace the entire power supply.