Portable drive, My passport, recognized as "Local Disk" but not accessible

I have quite a few assessment pieces stuck on a 500GB portable hard dive that I would like to at least recover if i can’t resolve this problem. My portable drive, when plugged into any windows computer (Haven’t tried any other OS’s yet), is being recognized as “Local Disk” however will not allow me to access it and will not provide me with any error message to sleuth with. When attempting to access the drive it simply tries to load until it times out or crashes my “Windows Explorer”.

I had originally named the drive “Tank” so not even the properties of the drive are being identified and this is supported by the inability to right click for any further information.

Furthermore the drive is definitely physically active as the indicator light is running still and the drive still hums as it usually would.

I’ve provided an image for any make details required below.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Max_O_shea-Kemp! Did you originally use Tank with Windows computers or on another OS? Do you know how it was formatted? Check in Disk Management (on Win 8.1 and higher, right-click Start, choose Disk Management) and see how it appears when it’s connected. Maybe you can get a clue as to how it shows.

Thank you for replying so quickly. I apologies i haven’t done the same.

It was originally used on a win 7 OS but has never had trouble connecting with win 8, 8.1 or 10 before. I have also tested it on a win 7 desktop since the trouble started and have had no success.

A more accurate evaluation of its condition seems to be that it never starts loading any of its data. I’ve run CHKDSK to attempt and identify any bad sectors but there is no response to the command, not even an error report or notice, it literally just never starts running the scan but acknowledges the command and the existence of the drive.

Hi , i have the same problem as yours, hows your hard drive now ? Any updates will be greatly appreciated . THANK YOU!

Hi @Max_O_shea-Kemp, this time it’s my turn to apologize; I didn’t see your update until just now.

If chkdsk isn’t working, it’s possible the OS doesn’t see it properly. As I asked before, did you notice anything in Disk Management? You may be able to see what’s happening with it, if it recognises the file system or any content.

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