PLEASE HELP - book live HD attached to windows - where are my personal folders?

ladies and gents, I’m not an expert ins these matters. my book live Model number WDBACG0030HCH crashed. i could manage to remove the harddisk and attach to my windows 7 PC via USB to SATA. however i could’nt not manage to access my personal data. which contain of four folders naming music - video - personal and photos.

I can see the Linux directory on L: and a partition named J: with 2.25TB free space out of 2.72TB. if I try to access J my pc is crashing. 

I’m really despaired and would appreciate any support. please let me know what else you have to know. thanks in advance!


Just a SWAG … boot from a Linux live CD and mount the external drive. Probably have to mount the Wndows drive, as well. Copy from the WD to a new, empty folder on the Windows drive.

For your knowledge, most NAS devices, regarless of the brand, run some flavor of Linux. You will not be able to see partitions on Mac/Win machines just by plugging in the drive.

Read this guide, specially #1 and #2.

hi there

thank you very much for taking your time and helping me, very appreciated! unfortunately none of the suggestions work, it seems that something is wrong with the HDD, with block scan with R-Linux, i could find my data but in single files without name, i would go through 80’000 files to reover. what i try is to recover the folders as well, e.g i had folder music with subfolders with mp3 in it, i would like that the folder with the files is recovered in full.

i also tried to mount the HDD to Linux, but for some reason the HDD is not recognized in Linux while Windows does with diskinternal linux reader, however sometimes my pc crashed when i connect the harddisk, bluescreen, but only sometimes. i have attached the output of GParted as well as R-Linux, maybe the screenshot lead to the solution.

Thank you again for your help!

Try to use testdisk for windows, you should have to launch it as administrator to recognize all the disks. Once launched and disk selected, it will scan for lost partitions and surely it will find the 4th partition as EXT4. Then, recover files to your main HD.

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Thank you for this! Finally a program that worked!