Please give advice on the purchase of WD Media Player

I have a large video/media library on WD portable hard drives and they are in various file formats such as MKV. AVI. MOV. MP4 etc and I have been trying to decide on which media player to purchase. My Vizio Smart TV only plays AVI and MP4 video files and after hours of research It seems the WD Media Players are the best choice for me. I have looked on Amazon and Ebay and there are so many model numbers and choices I am getting confused and do not know the differences between all of them. Thank you in advance for your help!

They all play MKV. AVI. MOV. MP4.

There is only current one (released in 2014) is the WDTV Media Player (which does not support Netflix)

If you want to know the differences between all of them … read the WDTV Wiki

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thanks Joey, appreciate the info!

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