Please don't mind me WD, I'm just another unsatisfied customer!

I confess that I got really enthused when I first got WD’s publicity to the My Cloud product on my inbox: it was exactly what I was looking for and at an affordable price. A simple to use, out-of-the-box product that would allow me to store, organize and share my videos, photos, music and documents in one safe place… my place (according to WD’s publicity).

As always - and even if being a long term WD customer from which I bought several storage devices - during the courtship period preceding the final decision to buy, I browsed through several reviews from reputed sites. Since they all praised this product in their lengthy reviews, with wonderful graphics compairing it to similar (but much more expensive and complex to use) products and very hi-tech jargon, I easily made up my mind.

My determination became even stronger when I tried to order the My Cloud 4 TB from WD’s site but couldn’t because they were out of stock. Good - I thought - they are selling like hot codfish cookies, faster than WD can produce them so everyone and their mothers are rushing to buy this wonderful product.

Meanwhile I used the time until it finally arrived (I ended up ordering from Amazon because they got re-stocked before WD’s own online store!) to read the manual, plan how would I be organizing my files, how many shares to create, etc.

Like most people buying this product I was already enjoying by anticipation all the features and possibilities that would become available to me as soon as I would have My Cloud in the air.

Little did I know that my joy would soon end with the arrival of the My Cloud. If, truth be told, the initial setup was a breeze, everything else became the nightmare that ended up bringing me to this forum in desperate search of solutions… to find none! (Despite the many well intentioned contributions from both customers and staff)

I won’t be narrating in detail all my frustrated and frustrating attempts in the last couple of months to get this product to work according to what is announced. They are pretty much the same complaints that are being voiced over and over by other users, so repeating them once more won’t bring me, or anyone else, any satisfaction. In a nutshell, this product doesn’t perform as announced by WD. Or, in other words, this product does very little of what is announced by WD.

So - you may be thinking - why am I posting here? Surely not for the pleasure of trolling this product (as if it wouldn’t already have its own problems) nor Western Digital, a company I grew to admire due to the quality of the products I got from them over the years. Simply to join my voice to all the other users that, frustrated like me, would like to see WD acknowledge the existence of their complaints and some sort of evidence that WD is committed in solving them.

I am fully available to provide the specs of my equipment and all the deficiencies I found should anyone, namely from WD, find them useful.