Playing M3U Playlist Files

I have pretty much given up on the Plex Media Server WD app, just does not work on my MyCloud Mirror 8TB device…Sounds like Plex prefers an i3, i5 or i7 processor is what it all boils down to according to Plex support database.

Anyhow, so, I am trying to play the M3U playlist files I created via the WD Desktop App (Windows, BTW, don’t see a WD desktop app for the mac?) anyhow, trying to play the M3U files direct from either my Windows laptop or from my Android tablet via the My Cloud app and for the life of me I cannot find a player app that will play/support these M3U playlist files I created on My WD Mycloud NAS.

What am I doing wrong…I can create the playlist no problem and they are visible on the android app, but just fail to play. But individual MP3 files play fine on both Windows and Android…

Appreciate your assist…

WD Clouds cannot natively play m3u files and m3u files must play via via a DLNA media server. Find a mobile app that can do the job. Check android apps Avia or Bubble upnp

OMG, thank you so much for your response. What you said just makes total sense, so now you put me on the right track.

So, I installed both apps and unfortunately neither one will play the M3U playlist.

Do you think there is a path or device name or URL I need to make changes to on the NAS? I can see the playlist via a browser, WD Cloud Android app … but the M3U file will not play, Album, Artist and Genre show up as unknown.

As far as a know, the only way to create a playlist is via the WD Desktop App. Is that app available for the Mac as well, I can’t find it at WD’s site.

Thank for your assist…


Correction – I did find the mac flavor for WD Desktop App, I have High Sierra 2017 and it installed no problem. And when I play the M3U playlist, it plays via the WD Music Player with no problem.

But, the M3U file will not play via the android apps or on a Windows PC…


OK, I have a PC not a Mac. I have iPhone, iPad and Kindle (android) tablet I play nothing via computer any more – too low tech today. I play via tablets and BT often. iOS devices cannot easily play playlists, but androids can. I recommend you spend your time with Avia app – much easier than Bubble.

So, I pulled out a Kindle tablet, started Avia and am playing a playlist. Here are the details:
you need to set up the Local and Network sources in Avia. I went into my Network’s WD My Cloud NAS, found Music/playlists/, found a playlist to click on and play. You should be able to do same.

I do not make playlists anymore – too labor intensive. Instead I have app for iOS ONLY called Music Streamer that easily selects random tracks for as long as I want it to. It is great, but at home I use it infrequently these days and prefer to have Alexa “ask Plex to play music” (from my NAS) to a Dot connected to stereo system. It will select random tracks for as long as I want it to and play music in hi-fi stereo sound.

Lots of ways to play music these days!


Thanks again for all your time on this. Here’s what I got:

· I too tend to play music primarily via BT and tablet (Samsung Android), but there are times when a laptop fits the sitation but I wanted to try all platforms for proof of concept to see where I can get this to work…

· Playing music via playlists I create is VERY key for me, I mostly don’t do random. I use to be a club DJ so I have LOTS of vinyl music I’ve converted to MP3 plus all the tunes I’ve downloaded. There are particular dance tunes I want to hear, then specific ballads and create play lists for them and then I like creating a random list of tunes for parties and stuff

· I even purchased the Avia app – no difference. The playlist created earlier today using the WD Desktop App still won’t play. But as I mentioned earlier – I could only get that same playlist to play on my mac (again, proof of concept)…

· So I setup the Avia app on my Samsung Galaxy 7 phone (Android 7) and also on my Galaxy tablet…no go. All my tunes are discoverable in the Avia and will play, but the playlists will not…just does nothing….?

So that’s where I’m at, I’ll keep digging into it. Thanks again


Well, sorry you still have issues. Like I said, I got Avia to play them today, as before. Maybe it has to do with how the network is set up. I forgot there was a small charge for Avia.

So, try Bubble tomorrow and see how it goes. If you look for other apps, just remember it must say it plays playlists and works through DLNA or say it is a media server.


Thanks again, much appreciated. So, as soon as I figure this all out, I will report back as an FYI to you and the community. Really odd.

Like you said, it should just work. But should, is always a very operative word.

Thanks again


So, I think it’s resolved.

After reading many many posts here on the WD Community (many of them your posts and I believe your solution from 3 or more yrs back).

I installed/purchased the M3Unify app to create M3U playlists and that seems to have done the trick. I can now play my playlists with either Avia or Bubble and probably most any DLNA media server app. So I create my playlists through this app, and had the app upload the M3U file to the Playlist folder on the WD NAS and now the playlists will show up and play from my Galaxy phone, tablet and my Samsung TV. Nice.

Thanks for your all your help and sending me down the right path with this.


So I create the M3U playlists on my iMac. I really did not want to have to copy my iTunes media folder to the WD because already have all my media loaded in the Shared Music share folder. So in the M3Unify app I pull down the files from the Shared Music folder I want, create the M3U playlist and have the playlist pushed to the NAS’ playlists folder.

Prior to this app, I believe the WD Desktop app creation of the playlists did not generate the correct paths to the actual MP3 files in the library.

Thanks again…

Congrats, you did all the hard work and found a solution. I will take a look at the M3Unify app to see if there is a version for iOS.

Take care, Mike

may be you should try working iptv playlists