Playlists on Android and Chromecast


My MyCloud music library contains lots of relative-path M3U playlists. These work perfectly over a LAN on a PC but do not work on Android  devices or Chromecast. Have read lots about Twonky, DNLA, transcoding and things I can barely understand. I just want to click the playlist and off it goes. Please can anyone help with a simple solution. Many thanks.


I create my .M3U playlists with Windows Media Player and then copy them to the music folder on the cloud.

Do I want to play with my android tablet I need another media player. You must play a little with any media player for android until you have found the correct media player.

But this is a problem of Android. Not from the MyCloud.



OK, understood. I have tried various players but have not been able to find one that will just play a reative-path m3u playlist on a MyCloud. MyCloud’s are common; m3u is the most common type of playlist, Android is common and Chromecast is starting to get there. But … how can I play lists of music? I thought a MyCloud was designed to be a media server - am I wrong?

I’m happy to use different players if there is one that works. I’m happy to make changes to the MyCloud if that solves the problem. I’ll stand on my head and point the MyCloud towards Mecca if that makes a difference. This really should not be rocket science. I’m sure somebody else with better technical skills has found a solution. Please help.

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