Picture resolution issue on My Book Live. TWONKY needs update?


I bought a MyBook Live and copied in the “Shared” directories, videos, pictures an audios. When I tried to play on my Philips 46PFL8586 I had no issues but for the resolution of the pitcures that was 160x120 and consequently seen as small picture on the full screen of the TV. It is worth noticing that the same picture (4000x3000 resolution in origin and correctly diplayed if read through the PC) stored in My Book Live is seen correctly on the TV screen if read through the pc (via HDMI) and that a copy of the picture stored on the HD of the PC is seen correctly on the TV screen even through Google media. I also bought a My Book Essential and if I look at a copy of  the same picture stored in My Book Essential on the same TV, either through USB or thought the PC (both HDMI or Google media connected), is correctly seen on the screen of the TV.

I guess the issue relates to the self installed TWONKY MEDIA on My Book Live, any chance this can be sorted out? Thanks

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This isn’t a “Fix,” so to speak, as much as it is a Troubleshooting step.

Go strip the EXIF “thumbnail” from some of those pictures and see if they then display correctly.