Picasa Scaling Issue, Images Are Not Being Viewed In Full Size


I Just purchased the WD TV Live and tried the Picasa App.

The images I have on Picasa are High Resolution (7360X4140), cropped at 16:9 ratio. When I view the images through Picasa, they are not filling the entire screen. The image is centered on the screen with a black border all around the image.

I think this is happening because I set my WD TV Live Picture Playback Settings to show “Original Size Images”. The Images I have on Picasa can’t possibly be as small as its displaying them.

If I set it to “Fit on Screen”, the images fill the entire screen, but it looks like the images are being scaled up from the smaller image, which losses clarity it the image.

This does not create good picture quality.

It appears that the device is not accessing the high-resolution image on Picasa, and is displaying my images in a smaller size.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



Try updating the firmware to the latest version.

It worked for this user.



I do have the latest Firmware (2.01.86), and the problem still persists.

It looks like the Picasa App is not reading the actual size of the image.

I also tried the Flickr App with even worse results. When browsing images, they are even smaller in size.

This leads me to believe that both the Picasa App and Flickr App on the WD TV Live device is reading the images as a thumbnail type of view, which may be why they are not in full screen.


I just realized something, that may be the cause of the problem, or be a clue to help in solving this.

When I view my images on my computer, on Picasa Web Albums, one at a time, the images are not being displayed in full. In a way their in a frame of its own.

In other words, on the Picasa Web Album webpage, on my computer, when I click to view an image, it displays on my screen, what appears to be, in the same size as what the WD TV Live App is displaying it. In order to see the image at a larger scale on my computer, I would need to change the view to the fullscreen option, that the website supports.

On the Flickr website, I noticed similar results. All the images are displayed as smaller versions, smaller thumbnails, untill you click on an image, then it becomes full size. And once again, when I hit the fullscreen option on the website, the image gets even bigger.

This tells me that the picture apps on the WD TV Live, both Picasa and Flickr are just viewing the initial thumbnail of the image, not the image itself, in its full size.

This is the exact problem I am having, on the WD TV Live:



Upon doing further research into this matter, this is the conclusion I have found, from the Google forums:


So, this IS an issue that only Western Digital can fix.