Picasa scaling? Any way to get original size?

I’m trying to run a slide show on a monitor that’s 1280x798. The original size of the images on Picasa is bigger than that in all cases. When my WD TV is set to show original size images, they occupy only a small part of the screen, about the size of the thumbnails. (This is for the slideshow.) If I set it to Fit on Screen, they do fill the screen, but the images are being scaled up from the smaller image.

It appears that the WD TV is NOT accessing the high-resolution image on Picasa, but is downloading one of the smaller sizes.

Can anyone confirm this? Does anyone know how to get the WD TV to access a high resolution image that can be scaled DOWN to fit the screen rather than scaled UP?

The quality is unacceptable.

When I use an Apple TV to access Flickr for a slideshow (it can’t access Picasa), it does retrieve large-size images. Running the Apple TV and the WD TV side-by-side and switching the HDMI cable between them, it is obvious that the WD TV is showing a greatly inferior image because of the scaling.

Update: I updated my WD TV to the latest firmware, and this problem seems to be fixed.