Petition to change the firmware to the classic WD My Cloud

Absolutely agree with other posts here. The forced use of Plex is a disgrace. I bought the Home to replace a broken Mirror device. Assumed it wld be compatible but find it doesnt support my Naim music system or my Sony or Toshiba TVs. Nor does it easily download media on devices such as phone or ipad. I bitterly regret buying this junk. Cant believe a manufacturer would take such a regressive step with products in this day and age. If you’re going to release a new product dont release it with software that platforms are migrating away from. Shocking.



Even more with the new My Cloud OS 5

Good news. stripped data out of the box and got my money back. will look for another nas but never again deal with WD.


If I read this thread before, I’d never bought it!
I needed a linux NAS as the previous MyCloud and MyWorldBook (at least partially) were!
And I know now (too late!) it is not at all!
MCH is a clear regression wrt MyCloud !
I want a new firmware and a linux (or linux-like, at least) distribution !
Thinking about moving the drive in the case of one of the failed ones.

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is there any update from this? I got sick from dealing with WD My cloud…