Permissions - what the heck?

So I’ve had this fairly basic model WD My Cloud 3TB drive for awhile, but only recently started to use it as my other storage options ran out. Generally it works fine, but every so often I find it has a fit of some sort and tells me I don’t have permissions.

This drive connects via finder>go>connect to server… i did have it automated but that seemed to create problems with another drive of a similar name. Anyways, I digress… my question is about permissions. For some reason known only to itself when I look at the info for each directory on the drive I am presented with what you can see in the attached screen shot.

I’ve not a clue who daapd is, likewise, why it lists ‘staff’ and ‘everyone’ and gives them no access. Via the WD My Cloud app I am the only ‘user’ set up on the drive, and I have admin/full permissions for all folders, but, via Finder>Info this is what I see.

Can anyone tell me why this is? How do I get it to show the correct permissions? Would this likely cause these issues where writing/copying occasionally fails and I have to reboot.

Any insights would be much appreciated.

Generally, unless one has modified the permissions through SSH, the permissions for each Share is configured via the WD My Cloud Dashboard. All subfolders within the Share inherit the permissions from the Share itself.

The “daapd” entry may be the iTunes media server embedded within the My Cloud.

As to copying issues there are other threads that discuss various issues with Mac’s including problems with El Capitan. Some threads that may help:

Thanks, and yes I’ve read those early posts about El Capitan and WD My Cloud as mine also failed when ElCap first came out…

I’ve done nothing via the WD dashboard except to set up my own account, Michael. So the stuff shown in the info box is a complete mystery to me. It doesn’t show in the dashboard when I look there…

So if anyone definitively knows what this is and how to get rid of it… I’m guessing it’s likely as much an Apple issue as it is a WD one, but I can’t be the first person to find odd things going on with permissions?