Up loading pictures

Why is there a limit of 512kb ?

Anything under that size uploads no problem

More info is needed. What OS or mobile device? Uploading remotely? What software or app are you using to upload?

In the mean time see the following threads found via forum search that mention the 512KB upload problem…




IMPORTANT: for very large uploads (such as a complete and full iOS Camera Roll,) the iPhone/iPad Auto-Lock control needs to be set at a high value (meaning, set to Never,) BEFORE the upload begins, or else Auto-Lock will likely time out, step in, and shut down the
iPhone/iPad, and your uploading will stop before it completes.
(WD Support says Auto-Lock is a battery-saving design feature of iOS devices.)

Also, for large uploads, have a fully charged iOS device, and keep My Cloud app in the foreground during uploading.

Be sure when all is completely finished to put your Auto-Lock control back to where you had it set (at 5 minutes or under).

Subsequent auto-uploads may not require resetting Auto-Lock if only a few items are uploaded.

I have been told by WD Support that Android devices do not have this issue.

I am uploading remotely on iMac Yosemite 10.10.5

I will try on my home network