PCB 004 compatible with PCB 005

Hi guys! I have two HDDs. Both same model but different date of manufactured.

PCB: REV A 2060-771829-004 is alright but
PCB: REV A 2060-771829-005 is the hdd I’m going to fix.

I’m going to remove the PCB 004 and place it on PCB 005. Is it possible that 004 will work in 005 hdd?

Thank you!

Hi: Joshua_Merino

The newer WD Drives are configured so you cannot do a PCB swap. (ie. even in the printed circuit boards are identical the information in the ROM or Microcontroller is unique to the specific hard drive platters.

See the video at Donordrives

See my comments on “is PCB replacement possible?”


@NotaCanada What if I buy hdd with same PCB 004. Does it work?

I once replaced 4061-705144-001 Rev.02P with 4061-705144-001 Rev.03P and it worked.
are you still unable to fix yours?