WD 1.5Tb pcb replacement possible?

Hi there,

I am grieving because I burned 2 WD caviar green 1.5 drives of mine…

I checked youtube and pcb replacement guides.

But I decided to ask if Western Digital is on track for its customers helping us in such tough and desperate moments.

Can I somehow order a pcb replacement for my drives? I can privide all the info needed to ‘replicate’ the boards I need and pay for post delivery, no problemo.

Please advise/help.


Sorry to hear about your case. Currently, WD does not sell or replace spare parts. Perhaps, another user can share some information about it.

Got it, I will explore other options, thx.

Hi: WD1.5

Information on replacing the PCB.

HDD Parts

Western Digital PCB.

Donor Drives

Information on replacing the PCB.

PCB Adaptation and Diagnostics Services (video)

Western Digital PCB.

If the information on the hard drives is critical I would try a data recovery service.


Hi, NotaCanada,

Big thank you for your time and links!

Youtube studying made me wiser -,- and I found PCB solution guys, who have 1 close match pcb board and bit cheaper.

I am waiting for another HDD donor of different capacity to arrive to swap the ROM chip and see if damage had not spread further to decide my next steps with 1.5Tbs.

Great info you gave.


Your welcome.


Can you share the contact detail of vendor and price as I have the same problem with WD 1 Tb Hard drive