PATATOZOR THEME : A Mix of Joey/Tinwarble/Firetix work (and a little bit my own one too :-) )

update 03-21-11

you can download a folder to test

update : 03-20-2011  13:00

- put the counter away from the moviesheet (top of the screen now)

- change the overlay background (less dark)

- some adjustment in thumbgen template (global white roundcorner, tv episode thumbail brighter, remove the “episode” text)

update 03-27-2011I create a blue ray light theme (without fan art)

can be downloaded here :


just share my work for people who want to test the The Tinwarble theme with a moviesheet (based on Joeysmith work)

the idea

a thumbgen template (fusion of Joey and Tinwarble with some own adds)

  • moviesheet for blueray rip

  • moviesheet for dvd rip

  • moviesheet for tv episode

sorry, it’s in french but you can modify it easily withe thumbgen designer

the Tinwarble theme modified by myself (copy in theme) :

all the view is fine now with the thumbhnail

it’s just a copy of tinwarble work and adding the last experience in listview of firetix (version 1.1) ).

folder to test :

2011-03-20 21.56.37.jpg

2011-03-20 21.57.45.jpg

other views:


2011-03-19 23.51.51.jpg

2011-03-19 23.52.13.jpg

2011-03-19 23.52.30.jpg


2011-03-19 23.51.09.jpg

flickr link :

don’t forget to modify the option of thumbgen to generate a xml for live hub and a moviesheet with png extension

and at least

very very very big thanks to Tinwarble, Joeysmyth, psychothc,firetix,extremedigital and all the community of livehub for the accomplished word and their tolerance for my bad english :smileyvery-happy:

Yes, it will be nice to see your work.

from my part, updates won’t be coming for atleast 2 months!

first update

  • templates for dvd (just use the tinwarble green box) : others boxes are in the directory if you want to change

  • template for tv episode

great work !

I see that you’ve modified the moviesheet template to make it transparent!

and backdrops seem to be loading!

is it still fast?

yes, it’s fast enough to navigate  :smileyvery-happy:

I fit the thumbnail part of the moviesheet for all views except the list view (impossible to upscale part of the moviesheet)

I gonna use your work for this part :smileyvery-happy:

Looks very nice


Would love to try this out but was wondering what the file structure is.  Do i still need the dummy file.








(think thats right!)


Hey guys this looks great. Just one question how do you apply them to the Hub? Sorry I am new at this. I just figured out thumbgen yesterday :smileyvery-happy:


To apply the theme, from your PC, copy the the to the “” folder (if you don’t see it make sure that you have “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” select in the folder options menu on your PC.).

Once you have done that, on the HUB select Setup / Appearance / User Interface Themes, then apply the theme.  If you don’t see it make sure that you have the “select source” selected for the internal drive.

to gladster : no need of dummy file





Thanks - will give it a try again.  Last time the only view that worked was the trickle view. 

Thanks again

I will make a test folder this afternoon :wink:

It worked and looks great .  Do I need to change the size of my folder icons -thanks


157x274 (with glass effect)

thanks again will get to work

Thinking about giving this a go. What should the name of the sheet be? I’ve never used moviesheets before so this is a first for me. Thanks.

you can download a folder to test now

Where do I select the option to generate the xml? I can’t seem to find it . 

EDIT : I think I found where to do this but, it loses the backdrops that the hub created and I can’t get thumbgen to recreate the backdrops. Instead, I don’t use the xml from thumbgen. I just use the moviesheet (renamed to .jpg) and I still get both…the new moviesheet and the autochanging backdrops.

Cool work patatozor…

You have successfully merged all works available here, and you’re are using only one moviesheet template!


to   jonkjon

you must use thumbgen to generate xml

in the input/output option : set xml for information with livehub format

to   firetix

Yes, thats what I try to do, take la creme de la creme and add my little contribution :slight_smile:

and share with the community

As I feel more comfortable, i gonna add some personal touch :smileyvery-happy: