Password Issue

My WD Passport 2TB stops recognizing my same password if i don’t use it for a time like 1 month or mmore. even i have tried to note down the password so that its not me who forgets the password but drive will say invalid password after long time of not using. i’ve to format every time and set password again but if i login next day it will work but after some time of not using it loses the password. i don’t know why this happens even RMA drive has this problem. pls tell if there’s a better solution than linking to that silly page saying to format the drive. i’ve lost my precious data too many times sometimes it was without backup. why not WD have a better solution for password forgetting even windows bitloacker has it. oh please don’t come to cr.ap like “its 256 bit encryption” atleast user should have a choice of recovery.

Hi @gursewak,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting: