Passport HDD is always lit when connected to WD TV HD Media Player

I just installed the player. It’s great, no more making DVD’s to play my videos, which are all .mp4.

I see that the Passport external hard drive I am using is always lit, even if the player is off. Is this harmful to the Passport ?

As I understand it, WD drives go to sleep after a time of inactivity, which means it shouldn’t hurt it if the light is on.  But I’d make sure not to move it if the drive is actually spinning, and not in a sleep mode (you can feel it vibrate if it’s spinning), since it could damage the drive if it’s bumped or knocked around.

Thanks, I had been disconnecting the drive. It sits where it will not be a problem, so I can stop that.


Must be the external HD? My GEN 1 WD TV and Seagate Free Agent GO work fine. The Free Agent GO turns off when WD TV is off - the lights on my external HD turns off and the drive stops spinning

Yes, my drive is a Passport external 320 gig. The light does stay on.

I have WDTV 1ST Gen and same issue…  all USB external 2 1,5 drives are always on even if you turn off the wdtv.

so I have to disconnect every time.

USB keys are also on as it gets “warm” after some time.

Very interesting. I think I will also disconnect when not using the passport.