Passport 2.5" 1TB not shown

Hello everybody !

I have almost the same issue as: My-Passport-Essential-Has-not-been-detected

I have 3 Passports Essential SE, 1 USB2 and 2 USB3.

1 week ago, I’ve made a HUUUUGE backup of my MAC and my others HDD, I wanted to put all my movies, animes, photos… On the same HDD, when it was done (during 3 days), I’ve unplugged my HDDs and put it on my desk.

2 days ago, I’m plugging one of the USB3 Passport, it’s spinning, but the light isn’t blinking :confused:

Here I am, 1 of the 3 HDDs is spinning without blinking, isn’t shown on mac (diskutil list), isn’t shown on windows too (diskmgmt.msc), I’ve tried exchanging the cables… Nothing.

Does anyone have an idea ?

Thanks for your help.

Be sure to now use any extension USB cables or USB hubs, it’s better to always connect the Passports directly to the computer. Also try connecting them on another computer. 

Hello !

I only have original cables, and I’ve tested it on other computers, and my others passeport on my computer.

Everything I’ve done to check if it’s the computer, the OS or the HDD revealed that the problem is the HDD.

But it never fell, so I don’t understand why from a day to the other, it fails…

Drive could have some logical issues, or firmware problems especially with bad sectors relocation lists. These lists can get overfilled, and when that happens drives can start having issues with firmware reserved areas. We convert these USB interfaced drives into SATA to address imaging and firmware manipulation, since most of the firmware manipulation tools are not very up to speed with USB interfaced drives. Once the image is done drives contents need to be decrypted.

If data is not crucially important and could afford risking further damage to the drive for the sake of recovering something at least,  try running R-studio to see if it will pull files out. However, It is not an option that I would recommend on drives with issues.

If the data gets pulled, RMA the unit if its still under warranty

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Can R-studio recover data on a disk that is not even recognised as plugged-in on my computer ?

With the light not blinking ?? ^^

Ok, last question, I’ve asked an RMA. If I try R-Studio, will it pull my disk out of warranty ?

Thanks for your help.

no software can work with the drive if its not recognized, so the answer is no. If your drive is not visible in any way then R-studio wont help. Board needs to be fixed.

Ok thanks.

Do you think that I can ask WD to fix the “board”, or do they need to keep it and send a replacement one  (HDD)?

WD does not do any types of the repairs. sent you pm