OS 5 Cloud Access cannot be Established, Cloud Account not Displayed in Dashboard

Hello All,

I have a My Cloud EX2 Ultra in use for more than a year now, currently running under OS 5.09.115. It connects to a Connect Box (vendor originally Unitymedia, now Vodafone), which is the Internet facing router/gateway with built in firewall. UPnP is disabled by purpose.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make use of the streaming capabilities of the NAS, within LAN bounds that is. As it seems, one has to create an (online!) Cloud Account (in addition to the local user account of the NAS!) before being able to set streaming services to work, even if you are intending to stream from the NAS to a receiver in the same local subnet. Please correct me, if I am wrong with anything so far.

Upon logging into the local admin user account via Dashboard (of course, since it´s OS 5) and trying to create a Cloud Account however, I got an error message, no new account showed in the Dashboard. A retry was followed by a message, saying there is already an account with the same email address and would you have it just the same. Agreeing to that was of no avail, nothing was changed, excepting that Cloud Access was now turned on. Trying the login button will ever result in a message window saying `Something went wrong, please check that you have an active Internet connection and try again.´ But I can log in to this (new) Cloud Account with these same credentials (which are positively different from the local user credentials) by direct web access (i.e. have the web browser on my computer go for mycloud.com). None of the shares show up there though, of course.

I have read diverse threads on this `Something went wrong …´ with Cloud Account/Access issue but couldn´t find a convincing solution or a proper explanation as to its cause. I have already tried rebooting the NAS and the Connect Box as well. And I have spent days searching the Internet for related topics and so getting any clue. Port 8443 seems accessible (tested by “curl portquiz.net:8443” via SSH und by sending a request to http//portquiz.net via web browser). Dashboard displays both hard disks soundly working. One thing I did not do however, and will never again: as experience repetitively taught me, counting on WD Support is not only pure loss of time but a nuisance and an offense as well. Those who may have been more fortunate than I pardon me for this one.

Is there anyone who found a solution with OS 5 for this or can maybe even tell what is the reason for this problem? As in my case I don´t set much trust in the factory restore solution (which I had to perform only some weeks ago due to the abominable OS 5 update) and not so much in a deletion of the account either, I prefer to look at these only as a last resort.

Rather now, the following thoughts occurred to me. But being an IT layman, I´m treading on thin ice here. I would therefore ask for your assessment and/or advice with a view on what now follows.

With regard to the above, it seems to me the connection is working by half. I wonder if

  1. a packet is being filtered by the firewall of the Connect Box or
  2. a connection being dropped/rejected as an incoming request (NAT). Also, if
  3. increasing TTL could help. Fourth, if
  4. the authentication certificate could be a problem, as was hinted in another thread.

I could maybe test for 2. by defining a port forwarding rule (which probably UPnP would establish, but I won´t enable UPnP) and for 1. maybe by even turning off the whole firewall on the Connect Box. However, I don´t feel much at ease with both methods right now because a) I don´t know the address of the WD server for an accurate port forwarding but I don´t like to open the appropriate port(s) to the whole world either, and b) I´d prefer to have the desktop firewall (Windows 10) properly configured before shutting down the Connect Box firewall, but I am not familiar with firewall configuration and can´t currently afford the time necessary to get this accomplished.

While I´m not sure if the second part of this post is fit to place in this forum (I trust some of you guys will tell me, if it´s rather misplaced), I will be the more grateful for any experience, possible approach, hint or opinion on these points also.

Thanks for any answers in advance!

What’s your support case number and can you submit new system logs?

Call created just now for providing system logs is incident no. 210216-004252. Requested data should hence be available to you.

{“message”:“Admin user first time failed to sign in.”,“response”:{“error”:{“message”:“Owner is already attached to device”,“label”:“CONFLICT”},“statusCode”:409}}}

I checked your system logs.
The error message on the device side mean the Cloud Servers has your email address being used already attached to this device. However, the device side is missing the email address association for the admin user. This issue will be fixed in a future firmware release.

The solution for 5.09.115 is to perform a System Only Restore.

Thank you for your real fast answers! I´ll provide feedback by updating this post as soon as I am done with the restore. I don´t know yet when I will get to it, though.

However, I can´t here refrain from proclaiming my utter discontent as a WD customer with the need of an ever present internet connection. I´d very much like to see WD change this policy.

I did a System Only Restore, which cost me 3 hours including setting things in order again afterwards. I caught a brief glimpse of the new Cloud Account in the Dashboard.

After disabling the cloud service (Cloud Access) and trying to start it again however, I keep getting the `Something went wrong …´ message. This is what I expected to happen, for something must have triggered this failure the first time. So why or how could resetting the local admin account by way of system restore substantially solve this issue? The trigger event (whichever these might be) has occurred the first time, and now it has again. Apparently one superior event is disabling of the cloud service (there might be others). Avoiding triggers by keeping the cloud service running perpetually is no option, as you must agree.

At least I am quite confident now the issue does not lie on the route section between the device and the WD server, but beyond. Thus it is likely not given to me to make any impact on this shortcoming at all.

And I have this to comfort me: now I have been able to behold this magnificant view of the Cloud Account in the Dashboard for close to a moment, I can die in peace. And my so dear My dark Cloud EXmperimental Too Ultraexasperating with its loyally daunting Off Service 5 they shall place by my side.

As OS 5.10.122 is now available, I startet a manual update (from OS 5.09.115). It had to be manual, for the “check for updates” option of the Dashboard imperturbably claiming that the system being up to date with 5.09.115. :roll_eyes:

After `successfully´ updating to 5.10.122, I tried to start Cloud Access by logging in to the existing admin Cloud Account via Dashboard. Thereupon I received the `Something went wrong …´ message while still no Cloud Account displays in Dashboard.

So, although the release notes for 5.10.122 stating that some issues with Cloud Access were being solved with this release, for example like after importing configuration settings (like I have done after the proposed System Only Restore, see previous post), no change shows with regard to the already outlined problem.

To who it may concern:

I got an email lately from WD Customer Support saying that my case had been conveyed to engineering for ` review, analysis and issue duplication´, and that unfortunately there is no solution right now.


For what it’s worth, I have the same issue after 5.10.122 Firmware update on EX4100. No issues with same Firmware update on EX2 Ultra I use for Backups.

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The device did a successful automatic firmware update to version 5.11.112 yesterday. Still, not a single account shows in the Cloud Access view of the Dashboard. Upon trying the login button and putting in the cloud account credentials for admin, the `Something went wrong …´ message pops up. No improvement here then.
Trying direct web access through login on the mycloud.com web page (which is not my concern with this thread) however, I seem to have full access to the shares and everything else (which I do not want at all, but that´s a different story). I can´t tell if this is different from as it was before, though.

All I get when I try to create an admin account in cloud access is endless ‘updating’ seems that there is no further to go. I still have all my accounts listed there, but there is no movement beyond ‘updating’ and no way to use that new app for phones. Still have capability to use the device from ethernet cabled connected devices. Only way it can be used. Today I tried a common activity of moving something to my phone, when all this started. I only updated this about 2 or 3 days ago. Over the weekend sometime. It just doesn’t allow anything beyond trying to create an account. I hear peoplle saying I have to connect to the internet to use this, but that’s not what the help pages say, they say to just use the device’s interface to create an account. Am I missing something here? There is no connection to the internet if it’s just in the device’s interface. Still waiting for account creating ‘updating’ to commence. I took the switch out of the loop. I’m using a static IP. Same one my router assigned to it every day since time outta mind. I tried connecting over wifi, because my ethernet is on a different subnet. Tried stuff like removing security precautions in the browser. I am also on the 5.11.112. Updated over the weekend. Not too pleased with this update.

In order to create a Cloud Access Account, the My Cloud with OS 5 firmware must be connected to the internet and be able to communicate with Cloud Servers. Mobile and Web App will not function without cloud connectivity.

How would I even connect it if it’s not connecting now. There’s no firewall it’s just connected to the internet. I don’t want this. I don’t want anything to do with the internet. This may be a problem. In the pages I have read it says to create an account on the my cloud’s interface. I go to the cloud access and it just stays ‘updating’ interminably. I see in pictures on the help pages, (such as: Upgrading to OS 5 ) the yellow “update to OS 5” page, which I saw when the thing first got on after the update, but it is not reachable by any means now. I skipped it, and can’t get back to it.

absolute garbage . This OS 5 has made this so called ‘cloud’ storage unusable. FURY.

Cloud Access Tab will only work if you want to configure Cloud Access for the existing Local Device users but the My Cloud must be internet connection.

Local device users are configured under the “Users Tab” similar to OS 3. IE: Windows Samba and macOS Finder local LAN access.

Just have to turn on SMB 1 as a means of connecting. Then it connects to phones in the house if I use an old file explorer app and don’t try to use the useless MyCloud App. I never liked the MyCloud App anyways. I made a video about it. Fix MyCloud OS5 problem no connecting from phone - YouTube

Two more firmware updates have meanwhile been automatically performed by the device, first to version 5.12.108 and today to 5.13.115. Still the `Something went wrong …´ message.

Having the same issue while trying to login ‘ some thing went wrong…… ‘ the WD support is pathetic and of NO HELP at all. OS 5 is nothing but garbage.

@maliklatif Have you updated to 5.13.115 firmware? If not, please do.
If you are still having an issue, collect the system logs, send to support and let me know the case number.

How to Collect My Cloud System Logs

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I have the same issue - ‘something went wrong….’ Yes, something went wrong - I bought a WD MyCloud! WD are useless these days.