OS 3 USB Content Availability Option

With the addition of the “USB Content Availability” option in the OS 3 firmware versions, does this feature, when set to Off, actually work for other people when they connect remotely and have a external USB device connected to their My Cloud?

When set to Off the external USB drive (a 32GB Sandisk Flash Drive) is accessible and contents can be downloaded when I use the MyCloud.com site for remote access.

Screen capture indicating the USB Content Availability option set to Off:

Screen capture indicating MyCloud.com showing external USB drive contents:


Don’t know if this is another bug in the OS 3 firmware or perhaps a byproduct of the unbricked hard drive I’m using with this My Cloud enclosure. Edit to add: Using v04.04.01-112 firmware.
[1]: http://i476.photobucket.com/albums/rr128/bennor3814/WDMyCloud/MyCloudUSB2_zpshyo3sq5p.jpg

Since you have de-bricked the unit it’s hard to tell if this is related to the OS3 update itself. However, I have not seen other users reporting the same issue, so it could relate to de-bricking.

how many users do we need before a bug is confirmed? :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright, I did not want to go testing this out because every time that I do, something breaks in my setup…

and to my surprise the wdmcserver starts up as soon as I access my cloud app (I think this one annoying feature of OS3 -wdmcserver is always re-started no matter what) is enough to send me back to an older firmware version.

Anyways… apparently the switch does nothing. I turned it off… and still my “USB Content Availability” is available on my Cloud access… So just in case it needs a refresh… I deleted my drive from my Cloud App and re-added it… and there it was (the USB drive).

So yes… now we have two confirmed Users that acknowledges that the switch is completely useless… unless it means something else?

I can also confirm that with the switch in the off position USB drives can still be accessed by remote users however it may be because as a user I have full access to the drives or maybe it is because the drives are set for media serving

or maybe it is because the drives are set for media serving

Hey, let’s go and check the revised user manual to see what that switch is supposed to do.

Oh, hang on…

[quote=“Tel911, post:4, topic:136944, full:true”]
… it may be because as a user I have full access to the drives…[/quote]
And after some further experimenting that is exactly what causes the External USB device to be visible even though the USB Content Availability is set to Off. If Public Access for the external USB Share is set to On then it is visible on MyCloud.com. If set to Off, and the User permission is set to No Access then the USB device is not visible on MyCloud.com even if I set USB Content Availability to On.

If USB Content Availability is set to Off, the external USB device share Public Access is set to Off, and the User permission is configured for either Full Access or Read Access the external USB device is visible in the MyCloud.com interface.

Obviously the USB Content Availability is not working properly or WD hasn’t properly explained what it is supposed to be doing as “Enable or disables remote access of your USB content plugged into this device.” isn’t what is happening when that button is set to off. Ideally that option when set to Off should prevent all MyCloud.com (or remote access) to the external USB device no matter what other settings affect the device.